About the DmL-ES 99

Way back in 1999, DmL Presents (then known mostly as DmL Corp.) released a home video console known as the DmL-ES, a 10-bit 68k CPU at 10Mhz able to address expansion processors. It went on to achieve modest critical success, and had many imitators. It ended up as a niche hobbyist machine, since it required a
special TV capable of displaying the DmL-ES’s uncommon screen resolution of
960×532 (x540 in PAL regions), but was a leader for the push toward HD tele-
vision tech and its creators were part of the standards body which eventually
created HDTV.

The most common expansion processor was the 16-bit 20Mhz RISC processor later known as the DmLFX (Digital math Legion and eFfects Xomparator), which was developed by Jet Labs.

The DmL-ES has many advanced features:

  • 5 hardware screen planes up to 8160 pixels, 48 colors per layer,
  • 192 sprites (64 per line) of up to 96×96 pixels.
  • Special color modes, including primitive color mixing in RGB334.
  • 9 channel ADPCM in 32kHz 16-bit surround.

Soon, we will release our in-house emulator with the first of several of our
most popular branded games included.